How much does it cost your business to have a conversation?  Don't know?  Let's have one.
"Quick Win?"
Get Your Tech Headaches Fixed in a Jiffy
Are you struggling with technology? 


Want things to hook up just right?  

Our team of experts can help you quickly and affordably GIVE YOU a "Quick Win" for YOUR business. 

Most situations can be handled within the first consultation. If we need more we'll let you know before we proceed. 

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Applications Typically Responded To Within 24 Hours
YouTube SEO: Optimize your YouTube channel to rank your videos at the top of YouTube search
We can also:

✅ Speed up Your Website by Moving it to a Lightning Fast Amazon AWS EC2 Server

✅ Build a landing page to capture leads

✅ Hook up an auto responder to turn your leads into sales
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Hiring an Expert."
Viktor Grant
Expert Technical Systems Integration
Benefits of Our Technical Consulting
Because we have been doing this for over 25 years, we can typically make the "impossible" possible faster than anyone else. Half the battle is defining what the project is. 

That's why we came up with the 'Quick Win' program.

96% of our projects can be accomplished within the initial deposit and if you need more custom work, we can give you a quote.  Everything is transparent.


We've seen it all over that past 25 years. First there were websites, now there are funnels and API's.  We can integrate all of it for you, because we've seen a thing or two!


96% of the time we complete your technical project within your first payment of $599. If we were to go through the bidding and contract process it would cost minimum $1500


We guarantee we can integrate your systems and make things work the way they should. If your project goes beyond the scope of the "Quick Win" we can give you a quote and apply your deposit towards the full project.
Here are some sample 'Quick Wins' we've completed...

The most common Quick Win projects include:

==> Building a simple landing page to capture leads 

==> Hooking up an Auto-responder to a landing page so your leads turn into sales

==> Implementing a simple follow-up sequence with best practices

==> Creating an optimized Facebook page and business account including adding PIXELS and sales tracking!

==> Optimizing your YouTube Channel by adding the right tools and systems to increase views and subscribers

==> Fully setup an Amazon EC2 server with unlimited Open SSL's (save 100's a month on hosting costs)

==> Customizing Payment Processors API keys to work with your application (most popular!)

.... and many more.

So, let's help you get your Quick Win. Just click below to get started:

Do you want to change your own oil or do you go to Jiffy Lube?

"Quick Wins are just what I needed when something supposedly simple is beyond my technical reach. It's easier and faster to just pay these guys to do it for me than try to figure it our myself, keep on talking about it, or worse, allow the issue to continue! Configure new email system, Check. Update my search keywords, Check. Setup a Facebook ad campaign, check. Call these guys. Get 'er done. and keep going..."

- Burke Franklin, CEO of Business Power Tools
Why did we create this program?

After being a webmaster and developer for more than 25 years, I've found that, on average, it takes 4-5 hours for our team to write a proposal, create a scope of work, make a bid, send a contract, and collect a deposit, along with 1-2 hours of your time to wade through it all. 

And, yet, 96% of the 'jobs' that people ask us to do, could actually be DONE in that same 4-5 hours by our technology teams! We've rarely had custom integration of any kind go past 10 hours of actual engineering time.

What's wrong with this picture?

Because of this, we've designed a very simple program called the Quick Win program. It was inspired by our recent partnership with Digital Marketer. Many of our clients stick with us for MORE THAN A DECADE, because we have built TRUST.

In a 15 minute ZOOM call we can identify what you need. During this time I'll be writing up the technical specification to deliver to my development team. I'll also tell you if we can do it within your initial budget.

96% of the time it is SOMETHING we have DONE BEFORE and therefore we can do so cost-effectively and affordably:

We've already BUILT CODE LIBRARIES to handle most of the products out there:

 - For E-mail we've built API integration for Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Sendlane, Active Campaign, Sendy, SendGrid and more...
 - For E-commerce we have expertise in with Clickfunnels, Paykickstart, Shopify, Kajabi, WebinarJam, and Demio.
-  For SEO we use Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Bing Keyword planner, Bing ads, Google ads and SearchTriggers...  
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What a Quick Win IS:
A short, conversation in ZOOM to determine a situation and solve it within a short time frame based on my 25 years experience being a webmaster. It’s a simple conversation, observation, plan and execution either in real-time or immediately following our consultation.

What a Quick Win IS NOT:
A full blown proposal, contract, phone calls back and forth, scope of work, contract, bid and work for hire agreement. This is what we normally do in consulting...or asking your ‘web guy’ or ‘web gal’ permission or checking in with a third party. 

You’re hiring us to help you solve a problem. In most cases, the problem is caused by the PAST and that includes the people who currently work for you. We will solve your problem and in so doing, it may upset some people. That’s normal. If we need to work with your team, that’s not a Quick Win. That’s a work for hire agreement and they start with a $1500 downpayment.

You must have access to a computer, be willing to share a screen. Your information will be kept private. We will only make changes FROM YOUR computer REMOTELY.

Q: How is the Quick Win program different from Technical Webmaster work?
A: Technical Webmaster work gives you a scope of work, a quote, a bid based on an hourly rate, a contract, a deposit, a balance due with terms, frequent progress reports, and a lot of meetings. All this eats up a lot of time and has nothing to do with getting the job done. Quick Win has none of that. It’s a $599 one time payment. One meeting. We do the work. The job is done. Next. Webmaster work is not scalable. It’s actually co-dependent. Quick Win is scalable. Hands off. We give you a ‘WIN’ by doing it quickly and THEN we can talk about any future work after we’ve proved that what we do works as it should. Like Oilstop, we’ll tell you what needs to be done NEXT after the initial ‘WIN’ and then you can decide to get an estimate from us or hire someone else do the work for you if you prefer.

Q: Can I talk with you first before making payment?
A: Yes. For up to 15 minutes. Call the toll-free number at the bottom of this page and speak with one of our agents or if you want to reach me directly, please use Skype. Our Skype ID is 'earthgrid'. Please add us and mention that you saw the ‘quick win’ program.

Q: What will I get for $599? What about a Scope of Work?
A: We will define WHAT we will do and get it done. It’s up to US if we give you extra bonuses and in most cases we will. We like to over-deliver. After that, we can talk about our Customer Value Journey Program or other marketing or automation strategy consulting. As mentioned above, if you want a scope of work, contract, and proposal, they start at $1,500. We've done many of these and it usually takes 4-5 hours to put a deal together and we usually won't do that unless its at least a $5K project. Since 96% of our projects could actually be completed by our team in less than 10 hours, we take the risk because we've done it before and we want to give you a 'quick win'. It’s 1 win, not 3 or 4.

Q: Can we do a 1 hour session before paying?
A: No. Our interviews are 15 minutes in between our scheduled appointments. If you would like a scheduled appointment, please pay the $599 and book your session. Sessions are by appointment only starting at 4PM Eastern Time. We have an online booking system. Most of the time, we can complete your quick win in a single session. And if custom work is required, our team will start working on it, usually the same night that we have our session together and in many cases they will be done by the following day or two. We will not speak again until your project is completed. If you want a traditional development contract build, then we will need to give you a quote and do a contract. This is not the ‘quick win’.

Q: When can I expect deliverables?
A: Our team is based in Europe and so they start work at Midnight Eastern time and work through the morning. So we both benefit. We can scope out your project in a quick call on Skype and ZOOM and then assign it to our team. By the next morning we’ll have an update. As project managers, we oversee the work to ensure the highest quality output of your project. In some cases we may not require our engineers to work at all because we’ve build solutions already for your situation. In these cases, we will complete the work in our zoom session, as we have numerous times. The price will be the same.

Q: What is your hourly rate for consulting otherwise outside of this program?
A: $500/hr with a 4 hour minimum.

Q: How can you possibly deliver something at such a low price with such a high hourly rate?
A: Because I only need 5-15 minutes to 'see' what you have going on. That's plenty of time to get the work done behind the scenes after we have set-up the agency relationship. Once that's in place, my teams can jump in and get the technical work done.

Q: How is your Quick Win program different from Upwork or Fiverr?
A: We've been in the development industry for 25 years. I train, hire and work with people all over the world, including people we've vetted and have located through Upwork and other methods. Our developers are TRUSTED and we've worked with them for a long time. When you hire us, we do everything in our power to protect your security. When you go to a service like Upwork, you have to KNOW WHAT TO ASK FOR and be able to determine whether the work is good or not. We have long-term relationships with our developers. We know what they can and can't do. You're getting concierge style service with our program.

Q: What can I expect once we say 'yes' to working with you?
A: This program is a DONE FOR YOU program. You share your screen in our first session. Once we move forward, we set up the best practices so that we can connect to your digital assets. For example, if we're improving performance in your Wordpress site, we will first clone your site to a different server BEFORE working on it. This ensures that your 'live site' is not affected. In the case of YouTube or Facebook, we setup a 'brand account' or a 'business manager' relationship PRIOR to any work. Then, when our session is complete, our team gets to work starting at Midnight Eastern and works until the project is done. I will personally reach out to you with progress on Skype.

Q: Can we hire you for consulting?
A: Yes, and only AFTER we've delivered a Quick Win for you. The next step after a quick win is a discovery session for $1,500 which could be an SEO site audit, FB ads audit, or marketing plan review. After that, we do what's called a 'Customer Value Journey' consultation which starts at $6,000.

Q: So if I complete this online application for $599 you can most likely do everything I need in that initial consultation?
A: Yes. That’s the intention of this program. If you prefer to go a traditional ‘agency’ model, where we sit down for an hour, talk through your project and give you a quote, then as I said above, it STARTS at $1,500. The reason we put this program together is to SCALE. If $599 isn’t right for you, no worries. You can pay us $1,500 and do the traditional agency and chat with one of our agents. That said, if you talk for an hour with us and don’t pay online, you’ll be disqualified from Quick Win and you’ll need to write us a check for $1,500 to get started.

Q: What do you mean by ‘qualify’?
A: In the past 15 years, I’ve found that most people have ‘designers’ or ‘webmasters’ or ‘a guy or gal’ that manages their digital assets for them. This is chronically a problem because after 1 hour of talking with a ‘potential client’, they now need to ask ‘permission’ from their ‘web guy or gal’ as to how to proceed. As a result, 90% of the time the whole deal does not go ahead. That’s why we require an upfront payment before we talk to you. In the majority of cases I’ve seen that the ‘web guy or gal’ will disagree with your choice for a quick win, because they want to keep their job and in many cases we’ll uncover during our ‘quick win’ session that they actually control your digital world (not you). That’s why we’re not making any promises of future commitments past the quick win scope. When you go to Jiffy Lube or OilStop to change oil and filter, will they be your auto mechanic forever for anything or even do an engine rebuild? No. Can they? No. In our case, yes, we can rebuild your engine, but it’s not a quick win. That’s an estimate. If you want an estimate, that starts at $1,500. If you want a quick win it’s a flat $599. We get it done. Quickly. And it’s a WIN!

Q: Is this a coaching program?
A: No. We will not give you ‘coaching’ for an hour while you explain your business to us. We don’t need to. I can look at your URL and in a few seconds understand what you’re missing. Instead, we will look quickly at your situation and make a plan to solve it. We will deliver you a result without the hype of a sales team. If you want “hand holding” this program is not for you. Analogy: do you want your oil changed or a brand new car? If you want a new car, this is not a quick win, nor do you qualify for this program. We solve the #1 thing that is holding you back in reaching success in your business. That’s it. If you want more, then we’ll discuss payment options for the Customer Value Journey and Marketing Automation programs.

Q: You say ‘Apply Now’ what do you mean by that?
A: This is an application. We decide whether you qualify to work with us based on the answers to your questions and what we see on your website. If we decide not to work with you, or your project is simply not something that is doable within the budget, we’ll refund your money. Fair?

Q: What Guarantees do you offer?
A: We guarantee that we will deliver something that works. Your money is guaranteed as well for up to 14 days. We will complete your project as stated on this page, in 7 days or less. If the scope of your project is outside of what we can deliver in a quick win, we will give you an estimate and apply your deposit towards the full project or refund your money.

Q: Is Quick Win Tax Deductible?
A: Ask your accountant. It’s a business expense. It’s also priced at $599 which is the usual threshold in Quickbooks where you need to ask upper management about the expense before proceeding. There’s no need for a 1099 unless we move to a contract with a bid, however it’s still tax-deductible as an expense. It’s a service, not work for hire or independent contractor. We come in, do the job, and get out.

Q: Is my transaction safe?
A: Your payment is guaranteed to be safe. We guarantee our work. We LIVE for testimonials like the ones on this page.

Q: I see a discount coupon on the checkout. Do you offer discounts? How do I get a coupon code?
A: Coupon codes are reserved for webinar attendees and inter-agency partners. If you are part of an agency you can offer this program to your clients and we will do the behind the scenes work for you. Ask us about a coupon or simply enter it when you hear us call it out from one of our webinars. Coupons are also for repeat customers of the ‘quick win’ program. The first payment is $599. For example, suppose we give you a quick win for an Amazon Server setup and you want a YouTube/Google SEO consultation, we can give you a coupon code since we’ve already had our initial consultation and know your business a bit better. Our coupons are typically $100 off. Approved agencies get $200 off.

Want to save TIME and MONEY?
Here are the next steps.

STEP 1 : Apply

Our initial deposit is $599. This covers the application fee. As we said, 96% of our projects can be done within this budget. It's a Quick Win. If we can't do it in the budget, we'll let you know by the end of our time together.

STEP 2: Zoom

We will schedule a ZOOM call to view YOUR screen and study your problem in depth. From that we will create a technical specification and pass along to our development teams.

STEP 3: Build & Test 

We will integrate your systems and hook up everything and test it so that it works exactly the way you envision it and that the usability is spot-on.
Sign up today and let's talk for 15 minutes. 
96% of our projects are completed within one week.

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